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WESH (Women Executives in Science & Healthcare) is committed to the advancement and promotion of women to executive positions in healthcare and the sciences. WESH provides programs to enhance professional development of women leaders through a combination of didactic and small group sessions intermixed with networking and mentoring opportunities.

Are you on a leadership pathway? Do you hold or have the desire to hold a position in leadership such as (not limited to): Assistant or Associate Dean of a Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Nursing or other Health professions School; Chief of Staff; CEO; Director; Chief Medical Officer; Department Chair; Vice President; Medical Director? Do you want to advance in your field or move up to a higher administrative leadership position?

The "glass ceiling" still exists in America's scientific and healthcare communities. Cracking that ceiling without a mortal wound will be much easier if you have a solid support group. WESH provides the structure, resources and venue for networking and much, much more. Membership in WESH will assist you as you move forward on your own leadership pathway or mentor someone along their path.

Take an active step to control your career! Join WESH today!

o Learn more about leadership development and executive career advancement strategies
o Engage in networking, both face to face and across the miles, with other women colleagues
o Recognize and support colleagues in your field
o Keep up-to-date on issues important to women leaders
o Attend the Annual WESH Leadership Summit at a reduced fee
o Enjoy access to WESH Spotlights Newsletters and the Quarterly WESH Leadership Journal

Who should consider joining WESH?

o Women in science or health care at mid-career or later
o Women aspiring to obtain a leadership role
o Women seeking a supportive network of similarly situated individuals.
o Women seeking high quality professional development and enhancement.

Here's what several WESH members are saying about the Association:

"WESH has provided me with a valuable and unique networking opportunity. Being connected with other senior women leaders who experience similar challenges and understand and appreciate my career goals has been invaluable. The opportunity to peer mentor other women is also something that brings value to my life. I recommend WESH to women leaders in science and healthcare as an important resource."

 Kathleen Clem, MD, FACEP
 Professor and Chair
 Department of Emergency Medicine
 Loma Linda University Medical Center
 Western Regional Chair, Board of Directors

"Years ago now I was lucky enough to be selected to participate in one of the very first classes of the ELAM Program. Wow! What a truly career changing experience that was. Of all I gained that year, nothing was as important a lesson as the importance of developing a circle of contacts, a network of like-minded colleagues who were facing some of the same challenges that I was. And how much more meaningful it was to me that have that circle, that network to be made largely of women. I became an active member of SELAM which sort of started out as an alumni group from the ELAM Program but, over the years, grew to be something much more as we reached out to all women who were trying to climb the ladders of health care and science. As SELAM morphed into WESH, well I came right along.

WESH provides me the opportunity to constantly renew that network. The newsletter always provides me new insights into my professional and personal situation and the summit truly allows me to expand my horizons as I enlarge my network. I am committed to help WESH grow so that we can reach out to colleagues and, even more importantly, the women coming behind us."

 Lindsey K. Grossman, MD
 Chair, Department of Pediatrics
 Baystate Children's Hospital and Professor of Pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine
 Northeastern Regional Chair, Board of Directors

"After the first WESH Spring Leadership Summit, I was hooked. This fantastic group of women is an incredible network for learning about leadership in academic medical centers. The support, education, and networking are invaluable!"

 Jennifer Wisdom, PhD MPH
 Associate Vice President for Research
 George Washington University




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