WESH (Women Executives in Science and Healthcare), was originally founded as a 501(c)3 corporation in 1998 as SELAM (Society for Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine). The SELAM organization, committed to the advancement and promotion of women to executive positions in academic medicine and allied health professions, aimed to support programs designed and dedicated to developing leadership and management skills for individuals interested in careers in academic medicine and allied health professions by promoting collaboration and networking among its members and other organizations that share common goals.

Many of the early members of SELAM were graduates of the Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) Program. The similarity in names between SELAM and ELAM and the overlap in membership between the two organizations ultimately led to confusion among both nonmembers and members.

As SELAM grew and matured, the membership desired to better define the organization from other leadership programs and to make resources more broadly available to women in leadership positions in both healthcare and the sciences. In short, the Board of Directors wanted the organization's message and support to reach a wider audience.

In July 2011, the Board of Directors met as a part of Strategic Planning effort to examine the future of the organization. New name choices were considered which included an initial consideration of words that were considered important and relevant to membership: Executive; Leadership; Women; Healthcare; Science; Medicine; Network; Advancing; among others. The board used scrabble tiles to create a new name choice and acronym for the organizations. After many iterations and web searches to ensure a distinctive name for a new and unique organization, WESH (Women Executives in Science and Healthcare) was born. Rebranding the organization began immediately and that has led us to today.

Mission Statement
WESH is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of women executives in academic medicine, healthcare and the sciences.

Tag Line
Women Executive Leaders in Academic Medicine, Healthcare and the Sciences

Vision Statement
Changing the face of healthcare leadership.



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